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Friday, September 3, 2010

Life presents an infinity of distractions. There is so much splendor to behold and unspeakable sorrows to witness. It appears to take an extraordinary amount of effort to see past or through these formidable distractions to the still, shimmering light that is our very nature.

Death, says hospice worker Rodney Smith, burns everything else away at the end of our lives. This is why everyone sees the light: because death clears away the brush to expose the view. "You take everything else away--what else is there" but light?

Ah, light. I have come to depend on sunlight; with each passing year, I seem to need it more and more. The shortening of days, at the end of summer, fills me with sadness... and anger. I want to wave my fist in the air and declare: "Don't take my sunlight from me! Don't shorten the days I love so much." Is this a foreshadowing??

morning light
accompanying me
into the shower

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