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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Woody Allen famously declared that he's not afraid of death, he just doesn't want to be there when it happens. It's a funny line, but true: We'd be free of fear if only we could detach ourselves and not be present at the moment of death. Of course, this is impossible, but it doesn't stop the mind from creating an abstraction. That abstraction--I or the "me"--enables one to believe that the so-called self is separate from the body or from experience. But, J. Krishnamurti pointed out what is invisible to most of us: "The observer is the observed." Body and mind are one... not detachable.

I want to be there when I die. I'm curious, if also frightened. I want to find the courage to face my fear and my death. What about you?

under the covers
trembling all the way
to nirvana

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