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Monday, August 9, 2010

It's not that easy to ask for help. Here, in America, the illusion of self-reliance still holds sway. Of course, I know there is no such thing; we are all interdependent and, with time, we incline toward dependence on others... including the kindness of strangers. I recognize there is an irony in all this: At birth, we are nothing if not dependent, and spend the next eighty years or so asserting our so-called independence... only to be rendered dependent once again in our last years.

So, it helps to get used to asking for help, as this is more likely than not to be our reality at some stage in life. Rigid opposition to assistance of any kind will lead to a major shock to the system one day. What are you doing today to make room for a little reliance on others?

walk in the woods
this broken branch
offering itself

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