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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some experts recommend guided visualizations to allay anxiety, and these could be used to allay the fear of death. One could visualize floating on a raft on the still waters of the ocean at Maui, soaking up the sun. He or she is lulled to sleep and never wakes up.

I have no objections to the use of hypnosis (another word for guided visualization), but hypnosis is not the same as meditation, which is really about being awake to what is. I prefer meditative awareness, but that's just me. I maintain that the seeds of peace are present in what is. If fear goes-with
death, then peace is possible within the fear of death--paradoxical as this sounds. You needn't take my word for it; investigate what is true for you.

along the beach
in that rock
my father's face

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