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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I was reading an interview with Ram Dass, the psychology professor who got kicked out of Harvard for experimenting with LSD back in the 60s, and he said something very poignant about his mother who had died six months prior to his trip to India: Until he met his guru, he had only viewed his relationship with his mother as that between mother and son. After meeting his guru, he related to her as one soul to another.

I found this disclosure very moving. Most of the time, we relate to people--even those close to us--from our roles; the ego feels in charge in the realm of roles and images. But, we are not fundamentally our roles; we are souls. It is vital that we recover the soul dimension while still alive. That's what the word Namaste (a Sanskrit term) is all about: From the place inside me that is divine and holy, I recognize that place inside you which is also divine and holy.


last breaths
a ladybug has
found its way in

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